Dr. James Spinnati ...continued

Dr. James D. Spinnati was born in Lima, Ohio, May 25, 1946 to Joseph and Waneta Spinnati. His grandparents immigrated from Sicily in 1919. James came from a Mafia background. During his younger days, Dr. Spinnati was a gang member as well as a leader of gangs. As he grew older, he learned the life that he had lived was without substance. He sought everyone, except the Lord, for life's true meaning. Suddenly, his life changed when his wife would not convert to Catholicism. Because of this event in his life, he began a search for a church for his wife, not knowing that she was leading him toward Christ.

During his search, he "met" the Word of God and his attitude and ideas began to change. This led to his conversion from Catholicism in 1980 when he realized you could be "just a Christian." Because of his encounter with Christ through His word, James is now a faithful evangelist of Jesus Christ. He has held ministries in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. James and his wife Judith reside in Portsmouth, Ohio.

On December 21, 1990, Jim, along with Dave Fagan and Jay Moles, formed T.N.T. Ministries based in Connersville, Indiana, where Jim is a director. In 1993, James was named the South Central Director of the International Bible School, an organization dedicated to bringing the word of God to the entire world through bible correspondence courses. He has preached revival meetings in twenty-six states and has proclaimed the gospel in Australia, Siberia, Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, India, Jamaica, Haiti, Bahamas and the United Kingdom.

On a 1992 trip to the former Soviet Union, Jim, along with Richard Merrill, helped lay the ground work for New Testament Churches in Minsk, Belarus and Yekatrinberg, Siberia, while strengthening the Church at Kiev, Ukraine. James and Richard were the first American preachers to proclaim the gospel in Siberia in over 70 years. Jim's work through T.N.T. Ministries in Russia has been expanded to include taking other dedicated evangelists to help spread New Testament Christianity to the former communist states.

Jim has also been a featured speaker at the National Prayer Clinic, Centerville Rally, February Gathering, Searching For The Truth, Standing For The Truth, the Delmarva Family Camp, and numerous other rallies and camp meetings throughout the country. His sermons and articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines alike. His tracts and booklets are staples in many New Testament Churches. He has also completed a five-part video series on soul winning entitled "Bee A Soul Winner" that has been distributed throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, Burma, Pakistan, England, and the former Soviet Union.

In 1994, Jim's workbook "Out of the World and into the Word," a new disciples' training guide, was published. This booklet is now being used in Jamaica, England, Bahamas, Haiti, Myanmar, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Australia to train future church leaders. It has recently been translated into Spanish, Russian, French and is currently being translated into Spanish. In October of 1994 Star Publishing Company of Fort Worth, Texas published his commentary and exposition of the book of Jude entitled "The State Of The Apostates."

In April of 1995, Jim graduated from Kentucky Christian Bible College in Grayson, Kentucky with a Master of Ministry degree. In October of that same year, Jim completed a study of denominations and cults entitled "The World Vs. The Word," which is available from T.N.T. Ministries. In 1996, James had his second book "There's A Hireling In The Parsonage" published. This book contains true stories of preachers, preacher's wives and their children. May of 1997 saw the publishing of his third book, "Victory With A Capital V." In this work, Jim deals with real life situations in a practical yet spiritual manner to challenge Christians to walk toward a victorious life in Christ.

In the fall of 1997, James received his Doctorate of Theology degree from Southwest Bible College and Seminary. We at T.N.T. are pleased to announce that Jim completed his doctorate program with a 4.0 grade average. In the fall of 1998, James released part one of his commentary on the book of Acts titled, "Acting on Acts." In the spring of 1999, Dr. Spinnati founded the Sonshine School of Practical Evangelism, of which he is the president. This new outreach is for the sole purpose of training men to preach the infallible truths of the Word of God. The school reached a record attendance in 2001-2002 with 28 students and 2002-2003 looks to be another record breaker. In the 2002-2003 school year, the attendance reached another record level of 46 students.

Dr. Spinnati is also a professor at Cornerstone Zion International School of Theology Nassau, Bahamas, West Indies, Jamaican Christian College and Northeast Bible College and Seminary. In April of 2000, Dr. Spinnati completed part II of his commentary on Acts, "Acting On Acts," which is now available from T.N.T. Ministries. His commentary on the book of Matthew, "The Gospel of the Kingdom," was published in May of 2000 and is now available in various Christian book stores or from T.N.T. In May of 2001, Dr. Spinnati published his commentary on 1 Timothy, "A Letter To The Evangelist." In May of 2002, Dr. Spinnati's commentary on Romans, "For I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel" Part I, was published.

Jim currently has two radio programs. One is on the 100,000 watt voice of Southern Ohio WPAY FM in Portsmouth, Ohio, which can be heard in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The other is a daily program called Gospel Minutes, which has been syndicated and is heard on 36 radio stations throughout the United States and Australia. Future plans include revival and evangelistic meetings in Australia, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, and Russia along with the release of the second half of his commentary on the book of Romans, "For I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel" Part II and the release of his commentary on II Timothy and Titus entitled, "Letters To The Evangelist."

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