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T.N.T. Ministries is proud to announce that Dr. Spinnati's Gospel Minutes program will now be airing on 4 new stations all in the Reno Nevada area... KUUB-94.5 FM, KPLY-AM 630, KHIT-94.1 FM and KHIT-1410 AM.

Gospel Minutes will air between 4 PM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday.


Cultivating Colossians

New from the pen of Dr. James Spinnati...

Cultivating Colossians is Dr. James Spinnati's newest commentary and it's now available for $30.

This 161 page commentary, with thought provoking questions at the end of each and every chapeter, can be used for personal study; as well as class situations.

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The Sonshine School of Evangelism is offering a correspondence degree program. This program will give you the opportunity to earn a Diploma of Biblical Studies. The cost of the program is $675.00 which includes $25.00 registration fee. Books are separate and are to be paid for at the time of ordering; no exceptions.

The professors of our online classes will be Dr. James Spinnati, David Fagan
and Donald Hunt.

Classes Offered:
• Verse by verse study of the Book of Matthew: Dr. Spinnati
• Verse by verse study of the Acts 1 & 2: Dr. Spinnati
• Verse by verse study of Romans 1 & 2: Dr. Spinnati
• The Unfolded Plan of God: Donald Hunt
• Everything A Christian Should Know: David Fagan

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