TNT Ministries

T.N.T. Ministries began around a kitchen table in Laurel, Indiana in December of 1990. Five couples from instrumental churches of Christ and a semi-retired sister in Christ met to discuss the current progress of the churches in the Restoration Movement. All were concerned about the lack of evangelism and the dearth of sound doctrine that was commonplace in many congregations. Out of this meeting came four goals:

  • Return the Restoration Movement to a Biblical position
  • Start churches growing again
  • Develop sound, useful training materials for Christians and evangelists
  • Provide a nationwide voice or profile for the Restoration Movement

We saw our role as one of holding clinics and revivals to encourage churches, producing doctrinally solid teaching material, and of developing a Bible college hat would produce faithful evangelists. Various circumstances over time pared five couples down to the Fagan's and Spinnati's who were determined to form an organization that would provide a vehicle to accomplish the group's goals. That organization was T.N.T. Ministries. T.N.T. stands for Teaching New Testament and represents our dedication to the plan of salvation, church polity, and personal growth of the Church as portrayed in the pages of the New Testament.

Founding directors David Fagan and James Spinnati first met in January, 1988 on a three-week preaching trip to Kerala, India. The friendship begun on that trip was cemented by frequent fellowship as the two men labored in congregations in southeastern Indiana. Jim was evangelist at the Holmes Hill Church of Christ in Aurora and Dave was evangelist for the Church of Christ in Laurel. Jim's background was through western Ohio churches connected with the Ottumwa, Iowa movement, while Dave's background was among the instrumental Christian churches in central Indiana.

In August of 1991 we produced a 12-page magazine with articles by the men involved in T.N.T. The response to that publication was so overwhelming that the decision was made to begin a quarterly publication called The T.N.T. Journal. In 1992 we produced the Bee A Soul Winner video course as a tool for training Christians in the local church to win the lost. One part of that video course was a peel and stick card we called the Bee A Soul Winner Scripture Reference Card. Tens of thousands of these cards have been produced and distributed in several foreign languages throughout the world.

In 1993 T.N.T. Director Jim Spinnati made the first of several trips to Russia. Since then the influence of T.N.T. Ministries has reached into 15 foreign nations and our outreach is constantly expanding.

In 1994 our first study book, Out of the World and Into the Word, was produced. This book was a collection of twelve teaching outlines and charts on basic doctrinal subjects compiled by Jim Spinnati. In 1998, Dave's 33 lesson, 88 page study book, Things Every Christian Should Know was published. These books set the pattern for what was to follow in the production of teaching material. Today over 30 books are available as well as numerous tracts, booklets, and CD's. T.N.T. Ministries has always encouraged and helped in the distribution and publication of material produced by other faithful, doctrinally sound evangelists. Our material is made available free or at extremely low cost for missionaries and native workers. We encourage new authors by publishing suitable articles in our magazine. Over the years the T.N.T. Journal has grown to 24 pages and continues to be a primary voice of T.N.T. Ministries.

Dr. James Spinnati

Jim currently has two radio programs. One is on the 100,000 watt voice of Southern Ohio WPAY FM in Portsmouth, Ohio, which can be heard in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The other is a daily program called Gospel Minutes, which has been syndicated and is heard on 36 radio stations throughout the United States and Australia. Future plans include revival and evangelistic meetings in Australia, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, and Russia along with the release of the second half of his commentary on the book of Romans, "For I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel" Part II and the release of his commentary on II Timothy and Titus entitled, "Letters To The Evangelist."

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David Fagan

David Fagan, a 1973 graduate of Kentucky Christian College, was raised on a central Indiana dairy farm and was a member and officer in 4-H and FFA. Dave has served as evangelist for congregations in Greenville, Ohio; Laurel, Indiana; and Connersville, Indiana and as a trustee at Mahoning Valley Christian Service Camp in Rushville, Indiana. Dave has been on short-term mission trips to India and Ghana, W. Africa. He has been a speaker at seminars and revivals in ten states. Dave is forwarding agent for Railroad Mission in north central Myanmar.

A founding Director of T.N.T. Ministries, Dave has written eight study books for T.N.T. Ministries, contributes articles to various brotherhood publications, and edits the T.N.T. Journal. At T.N.T. Ministries' preacher training school, Sonshine School of Evangelism, since 2001 Dave has taught Greek, Minor Prophets, Restoration History, The Tabernacle, Revelation, Hebrews, Peter, Samuel, and Joshua.

Dave is a part time employee of the USDA, raises registered Angus cattle, and currently serves as evangelist for Christ's Church, Connersville, Indiana. He and his wife Teresa, married since 1973, have three married sons and five grandchildren. ... Click Here for David Fagan Tribute